Red-Tailed Hawk, Disturbed
Snowy Owl
Title Unknown
Great Blue Heron
Island in the Queen Charlottes
Arctic Three-Toed Woodpecker
Title Unknown
Eric Nasmith, Artist and Naturalist

Clockwise from top left:
Red-Tailed Hawk, Disturbed - 1970 Woodcut
Snowy Owl - 1979 Woodcut
Title and Year Unknown - Watercolour
Title and Year Unknown - Watercolour
Island in the Queen Charlottes - 1981 Etching
Great Blue Heron - 1966 Woodcut
Arctic Three-Toed Woodpecker - 1980 Etching

Left: Eric Nasmith in his commercial art studio in Toronto, June 1985

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A few sketches taken from Eric Nasmith's many sketchbooks.